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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to make multi lingual store in magento

Add language pack as store view
MAGENTO only has English language pack installed by default. In this case we’re going to install Chinese (China) language pack as store view, for example.
1.  First, you need to download the language pack ( and then unpack it to your MAGENTO folder. It copies two folders: one goes to app\design\frontend\default\default\locale and the other one to app\locale.
2.  Go to System > Configuration. On the left top corner in Current Configuration Scope dropdown box, you can see Default Config, and Main Store in English, French, and German store view.
3.  Now let’s go and add the Chinese store view. Under the dropdown box, there’s Manage Stores link or you can directly go to System > Manage Stores. Click the Create Store View link on top right, and type these in store view information form:
Store: Main Store
Name: Chinese
Code: chinese
Status: Enabled
Sort order: 0 (optional, 0 will put in first place in dropdown box, 1 will put second, and so on)
Here, you can also disable any store view by disabling its status.
4.  Save, go back to System > Configuration. In Current Configuration Scope dropdown box, you now see there’s Chinese store view. Click that link.
On Locale options tab on the left, uncheck the “use website” checkbox then change the locale to Chinese (China). Save.
Now you can have your website in Chinese.
You can do this step to configure other existing store views, too.
Hope it helps!

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